100 Women who ROCK

If you do not know about this organization, you should.  100 Women Who Care has just made a HUGE difference to Under One Roof, allowing us to made a HUGE difference in our community.  Here's how it works:

1. 100+ women gather (quarterly), sign in and put an organization's name in a basket.
2.  Three organizations are chosen at random and the person who dropped the name in has to give a five-minute presentation.
3.  All of the women vote and the majority vote gets the full amount of the donation, which is $100 per person.

Bottom line: in less than an hour, the most deserving non-profits in Beaufort are able to "earn" $10,000 - $15,000 to serve their community.  AND TONIGHT, UNDER ONE ROOF WAS THE RECIPIENT OF THAT DONATION.  "Thank you" just doesn't do it justice.  Please take the time to learn more about 100 Women Who Care.

Our deepest gratitude goes to our dear friend Judy Almand, who eloquently presented on our behalf, to Jeneane Ryan, founder of the Beaufort Chapter of 100 Women Who Care and to ALL of the phenomenal women who attended.  

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