Project #1682

A board member brought this home to our attention. The owner had a fire in her home,  no insurance and no family in the area. She  was living here without water and had run an extension cord from a neighbor's home for limited power.

The kitchen,  dining room and sunroom/ garage entry had severe damage, the rest of the home had smoke damage.  We were able to do an assessment of the damages and believe it or not it was way out of our funding abilities.

We worked with the homeowner and were able to get a lot of community support, electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Services donated some materials. We  had several individuals donate cash for the project.

New doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, complete upgrade with the electrical, new water tank,  plumbing and a new HVAC system.

After the insulation,  sheetrock, trim and painting were done in the kitchen, dining room and sunroom, everything looked great.