We received an application  from the son of the homeowner in need of assistance with work to her home.  the 67-year-old had severe damage to her mobile home, enough so she was not able to stay there any longer.

Family members were in the process of replacing the home when they asked if we could help. Before they could get a clear certificate of occupancy they needed to have a deck with a roof and steps added.

You are provided the materials and volunteer labors to do this.  We had to make changes part way through the project because the sewer line did not pass inspection at first.  After it was completed we made modifications to the deck and steps going over the newly installed pipe.

There was still a little work for the family to complete but the homeowner return to her home by weeks end.

Our sincere thanks to Quality Electrical Services and Keiths Plumbing for their generous donations of time and materials for this project.